Project H: All the things I haven’t been doing while not writing blog posts


A double negative in a blog post title? Surely not. Apologies, but I felt it was necessary. To decode the above, basically while I haven’t been writing regular blog posts, I haven’t actually been doing much else. Sure, I had an exam, I’ve been busy at work, I’ve written for another magazine, I went to Suffolk for a long weekend and Huddersfield to see my boyfriend (I’m still at the stage where writing that is exciting), but honestly, I haven’t been doing a lot. I didn’t even take my laptop with me when I went away – that must count for something, right?

As I have said in many a previous blog post, I am not very good at switching off. If I’m not working, then I’ll be ticking something off the to-do list or creating some task to stick on there to make myself feel productive. True, now that I’m no longer a student, I am much better at relaxing in the evenings, because my 9-5.30 thankfully does end and doesn’t require me to work much after hours, unlike uni where the work is never finished. But, as if as a hangover from my student days, there’s still a niggling feeling of guilt that creeps in when I don’t feel as though I’ve really done anything after work or at the weekend.

So, after two weekends of almost completely switching off, only checking my work emails a couple of times and doing absolutely zero life admin or ‘extra-curricular’ stuff, it came as quite a surprise to realise that I don’t feel guilty. Instead, I feel refreshed and recharged, both physically and mentally, and ready to tackle the weeks ahead (and get back on track and write a blog post).

Here are a few things I have enjoyed about my chilled weekends:

  • Sitting in coffee shops drinking oat milk flat whites and not worrying about the time
  • Spending 20 minutes on a blustery beach looking for a heart-shaped pebble
  • Going into a pub to look at a menu and spontaneously deciding to stay for a drink
  • Lying in bed with a cup of tea and a book and not caring that it’s gone 10am
  • Wandering around the shops and treating myself to a necklace just because it’s pretty
  • Making the most of the ‘Buy one get one half price’ offer in Waterstones, then starting a new book on the train
  • Getting so engrossed in a book that it didn’t matter that I didn’t have a seat for a 2.5 hour journey
  • Playing Pass the Pigs at the pub before dinner
  • Discovering an amazing fairy-light-adorned Thai restaurant in Leeds
  • Having meaningful conversations over glasses of wine
  • Waking up knowing it’s Saturday and I’ve got a full weekend ahead of me
  • Realising that the only person I’d want to text is right there next to me
  • Not having to worry about clothes because oversized fleeces and leggings are the order of the day
  • Walking for an hour just to go to a coffee shop and then walk back again
  • Going to the cinema at 2pm because it’s raining and why not?
  • Spontaneously dancing in a pub with my coat tied around my waist
  • Exchanging belated Valentine’s Day presents perched on bar stools in a coffee shop tucked away in an old-fashioned indoor arcade
  • Going to an actual arcade and winning 20p in 2 pence coins
  • Hearing the words, ‘We could stay for another drink, or we could go home, put our pyjamas on and drink prosecco in bed’

Turns out this whole ‘relaxing’ thing is actually quite enjoyable. Maybe I’ll try it again some time.


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  1. Coral Wicks
    February 27, 2020 / 1:28 pm

    Seems to me Harriet you’ve been doing quite a bit😋 So glad you’re beginning to relax and enjoy yourself. Love to hear what you’re up to. Love you Nana xx

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