Monday Happens

It’s Monday. It’s cold. It’s wet. I forgot to take my make-up before I went swimming, so my mascara went on my goggles and I was even more blind than I usually am. But still, now I’m sprawled on the sofa with a coffee. And wet hair.

I always feel a disproportionate sense of achievement when I get to the end of Monday, even though it’s basically the same as any other day. I have a theory that regardless of your job/life situation, Mondays are just not okay. Just getting through the day is enough for me. And if it’s not actually that bad, then that’s a bonus. So here are four fun things that happened today:

  1. We got our Christmas decorations out at work. I now have a snowman on my desk that plugs into my computer and flashes different colours. There are several in my eye-line, so the novelty may wear off fairly quickly. Tomorrow we are doing Secret Santa, yay.
  2. I had THE BEST butternut squash soup for lunch. I made it and I am proud.
  3. I got a free swim because I had six stamps on my loyalty card. It was almost as good as getting a free coffee.
  4. Millie is currently on my lap as well as my laptop. It’s ridiculous and cute at the same time.

I don’t really know what this post is, but I was feeling sad that I haven’t blogged in a while, and I wanted to mark the fact that I got through another Monday. Here’s to another week of life.


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