This weekend I…


Aaaand it’s Monday again. How did this happen? The weeks are just flying by. Even though I like my job (even just typing that was fun), I’ve still kinda got the Monday Blues, just because the beginning of the week always feels a little bit overwhelming and as though the weekend is NEVER going to come round again.

Sooo, to cheer myself up and provide a little light reading material for all my (three) fans, here’s a list of ten random things I got up to this weekend:

  1. I got on the train to discover that my reserved seat did not exit. Cue the sarcastic thumbs up emoji.
  2. I ate a fruit for the first time in my life. It was called a pomelo and it looked like a giant grapefruit/orange/boob. It was yum.
  3. I discovered that Bristol is an insanely cool city. (I was v glad that I wore my vans and orange puffer jacket).
  4. I spent £20 on two cocktails. They were served in teapots and we drank them out of tea cups, so ya know, worth it.
  5. I learnt that it is important to take an umbrella when visiting the west of England. I did not.
  6. I took yet more insta-worthy photos of coffee.
  7. I took part in a proper girls night in, with red wine and a rom-com. And pomelo.
  8. I realised that going away for the weekend makes you feel as though you haven’t had a weekend, even though you’ve done more in those two days than you usually do in an entire week.
  9. I bought a skirt for £2.99 and a hanging plant for £4 because I am oh-so-thrifty.
  10. I discovered that travelling from Bristol to St Albans with said hanging plant is not ideal.



    • harrietella
      November 12, 2018 / 10:07 pm

      Yes it was a lovely weekend thank you! Xx

  1. Coral/ Nana xx 😘
    November 12, 2018 / 9:44 pm

    Glad you had a great weekend in Bristol Harriet. Did you wave to us on the way home? Have a good week my lovely. Xx

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