Five Days by the Sea: Day 05

So, it looks like the holiday is over. Gutted. We tried to make the most of our last day, though, even if most of it was spent stuck in traffic. As has become our tradition, we called in at the salubrious Snape Maltings on the way out of Suffolk, and spent several hours wondering around the displays of incredibly overpriced Christmas decorations and kitchen accessories that no one needs. Of course, we bought a lot of them. We managed to justify this to ourselves by constantly reiterating that we were making an early start on the Christmas shopping. For a second time on this holiday, we somehow managed to forget to pay, despite spending a good fifteen minutes talking to the cashier about the fact that Southwold is ‘London-on-Sea’. After a wild goose-chase around all the shops in search of us, they somehow ended up apologising to us for the confusion. That probably sums up Snape Maltings tbh.

Of course we took the opportunity to have our last coffee of the holiday (this time we made a big effort to remember to pay). We then got back in the car and headed home. The only good thing about going home was that we went straight to the vets to pick up Millie. She looked so much better and was very happy to see us. Mum and I tried to reign in our high pitched voices and fussing, but I think the excitement got the better of us. As a dog came into the waiting room, I protectively covered her carrier with my scarf. “You don’t want to see the nasty dog, do you Millie? There you go, Mummy’s here”. Am I a crazy cat lady yet?

In my new job, I’ve got used to thinking about highlights and lowlights, so here are mine for the holiday:

Highlights –
01. Seeing the sea
02. Reading in the beach hut
03. Walking in the fresh air
04. Going to the pub
05. Going out for coffee every day
06. Sleeping in a double bed

Lowlights –
01. The rain
02. Discovering that our waterproofs no longer work
03. Worrying about Millie the whole time

I hope a few people have enjoyed reading about my time away! Obviously I haven’t been writing about it to show off or to pretend that my life is perfect. I just really love writing, and blogging feels like a more purposeful way to keep a diary of memories from the holiday. Plus, I like taking pictures of pretty cappuccinos.



    • harrietella
      November 4, 2018 / 12:47 pm

      I did thank you! Xxx

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