Five Days by the Sea: Day 02

We awoke to the comforting sound of rain battering down on the cottage. Did I say comforting? Maybe not, but at least our holiday now ticks another box on the ‘typical English seaside holiday’ requirements list. Despite the rain, we were determined to carry on as planned, so wrapped ourselves up in fleeces and waterproofs, and headed out to brave the elements. After approximately 4 minutes, we were soaked through, but we’ll be damned if a little bit of rain is going to stop us enjoying our holiday.

Okay, it was an actual downpour, and I was freezing and soggy, but that’s what holidays are for tbh. As we trudged along the beach, we soon realised that the waterproofs that have been our trusty companions for many a Lake District walking holiday have finally given up the ghost. Unfortunately, our waterproofs can no longer be classed as ‘waterproof’. On the plus side, 2/3 of our party noticed the rapidly approaching tide and managed to avoid getting wet feet as well as wet everything else (poor Dad).

The man who spends his days rowing people across a 50 metre stretch of water from Southwold to Walberswick was very pleased to see us, as we were, unsurprisingly, his first customers of the day. If I’m honest, the only thing that kept me going was the tea rooms on the other side (you’re probably sensing a theme to this holiday). Once there, we dripped all over the floor and then forgot to pay, so I’m sure they were glad we stopped by.

It was almost impossible to get ourselves going again, but we’d already paid our return fare for the ‘ferry’ and we couldn’t stay dripping in the tea rooms forever. We mustered up our willpower and headed back out into the rain. The coffee clearly fortified us, as forty minutes later we were in our cottage, having miraculously forgotten how disgusting we’d felt only moments before. “What a lovely walk”, we said, as we wrung out our gloves and loaded every available radiator with our sopping wet clothes. “I’m so glad we did that”. At least we got a couple of selfies of us with our hoods up, looking like actual worms.

Typically, the rain stopped for the afternoon, but of course, our afternoon activity was inside. We had booked a tour of Adnams Brewery, despite 2/3 of our party not liking beer (lucky Dad). Thankfully, the tour guide was jolly and interesting, and took pity on us and gave us some gin. All in all, it was a very successful afternoon. I’m not sure I could tell you how beer is made, but I am now 100% sure that I don’t like it, so at least that’s sorted.

After the brewery tour, we made ourselves go outside AGAIN for yet another bracing walk along the beach. I think we do this to ourselves to justify our long evenings in the cottage, lounging about on the sofa with cups of tea and/or gin and our books. But we’re on holiday, aren’t we? If we want to watch the final of The Great British Bake Off and go to bed at 10pm, we flipping well will.


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