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Four months appear to have passed since I last wrote a blog post. Those of you who know me well can probably work out why, but let’s just say that the last few months have not been easy. I’m coming back to my blog now because I think I’m ready to get back into writing for fun, having had a bit of a break since submitting my dissertation and completing my English degree in May. Between then and now I just haven’t felt particularly inspired to write anything other than my rambling diary, and I think that’s okay.

In this post I want to share an app that I downloaded at Christmas last year and have since used every single day. It’s called 1 Second Everyday, and I’ve got it on my iPhone, but I’m sure it can be used on a tablet or any other device. For those who don’t know, the idea of the app is that you take a one second video each day, and then it collates all the seconds into a (roughly) five minute video montage of your year. It may sound a bit pointless, but it’s amazing how one second of footage can remind you of a whole day’s worth of memories.

The reason I’m blogging about it is because I’ve found that the app has reminded me that there are little moments in each day that bring me happiness, even when I feel like I’m having a bad day, a bad week, or a bad month. Whether it’s something as simple as enjoying a cold Pepsi Maxx in the sun, or going for a coffee with someone, each day has moments of joy, and this app has helped me to capture them.

It would be quite easy to use the app like lots of people (myself included) use Instagram: to create picture-perfect moments to show the world how great your life is, whilst the reality is that you feel terrible. But because 1 Second Everyday isn’t a social media app, the only person you’d be kidding is yourself, so you may as well be honest. Don’t worry, I don’t film myself crying or anything like that, and I do aim to get a clip of the best part of my day, but I try not to stage the ‘perfect moment’ or fake my smile.

At the end of January, I watched my first month back, but since then I’ve decided to save the whole thing up for when I’ve got a whole year’s worth of clips. I’m actually pretty surprised that I’ve managed to remember to do one every single day, but I think it’s just become ingrained in my brain as part of my daily routine!

One other benefit of taking a video every day is that I get excellent stills, like the one above of me cringing as the lovely Poppy films us drinking coffee at Farm Girl.

Hopefully I’ll be back again before too long, but I think I probably said that in April, so who knows!?

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    Love it!

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